For most companies, a typical sales goal focuses on selling as much as they can.

But those aren’t the best kinds of sales goals. 

These are. 👈

It’s like saying ‘having fun’ is your summer vacation goal. 

But what is fun?

Splashing in a pool all day or going scuba diving? 

Similarly, in sales too, you need to define the hows to form well-articulated goals.

In this article, we’ll discuss what sales goals are, their types, five examples, and how to set excellent sales goals. We’ll also tell you how to achieve your sales goals and answer some related FAQs.

Ready to make it rain? 💸 Let’s go!

What Are Sales Goals?

Sales goals are quantifiable outcomes for your sales team that are usually documented in your sales plan.

Some realistic goals can be:

  • Increase revenue by 20% every year
  • Improve conversion rate by 5% in the second quarter
  • Boost customer retention by 8% in 2022 

Once you establish the goals, your sales team can translate them into measurable and achievable actions that make you money.

And maybe then, you can buy that vacation home with a pool you’ve always dreamt of.

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