Truthfully, is your digital space helping or hurting your productivity?

With wellness being the hot topic of conversation today, it’s important to ask ourselves if we’re managing our time and work in the best healthy way.

Samantha Peterson, the founder of Simply Wellness, has cracked the code on productivity within her own business—prioritizing health while juggling multiple projects and projections. ⚡️

Through her coaching program and resources, she helps high performers become their healthiest selves.

“We believe in thinking differently and because of this, you can achieve a greater level of success because it comes with health and happiness at its core. The way we challenge the status quo is we think proactively, we create healthy habits that are functional for YOUR everyday lifestyle and simple actions that elevate you as a high performer,” she explained.

How does Samantha use ClickUp to move projects forward, collaborate with her team, and juggle various projects… while still dedicating time for wellness activities?

Here to give us her ClickUp organizational tips: it’s Samantha! 🎙

Tell us about Simply Wellness!

Simply Wellness is all about taking ownership of your health and wellness in ways that feel good and are enjoyable! We take a holistic dive into how to become your healthiest self for high-achievers and what that actually means (hint: it’s different for each individual).

This is the “wellthy” lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice health, happiness or joy for success – but where they meet!

Simply Wellness was born as an inspiration from my oncology patients, who I used to support. Prior to starting my company, I worked as a Clinical Oncology Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition. After almost 7 years, one of the biggest things my patients repeatedly told me was, “I wish it didn’t take cancer for me to change,” and right there I knew there was a need for proactive health and wellness in our society and country.

It also shed light to how health and wellness is at the true core of our foundation and the need to prioritize it – simply. As high performers, health and well-being is the first aspect that falls by the wayside and we at Simply Wellness are here to change that. This is where health, wealth and success are one!

What is your favorite ClickUp feature?

My favorite ClickUp feature is the Dashboard. It is the perfect place to get an immediate snapshot of what needs to be done, keep inspired ideas, share monthly / quarterly focuses – all in one!

I also love how you can truly customize it to exactly what you need!

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